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Shift4 FAQ's

How do I get a website?
Just click “Getting Started” on Answer the questions in the form and our software will auto-generate a complete website for you. At the end of the form, you can schedule a call with one of our Specialists who will help you connect a custom domain, configure your menu and online ordering, and get your design approval before launching the website live.
Is there a trial period?
Your website is free on a subdomain (e.g. until you start using a custom domain.
I have an existing website but I want a new one.
Fisherman is perfect for you. Just click “Get Started” at complete the form. Our technology will automatically pull data from your existing website and we’ll help you transfer your domain to your new website.
How long does it take to generate a website?
Fisherman automatically generates your website in less than 30 seconds based on your answers to questions and data we pull from the internet. After the site gets generated, our experts add finishing touches before publishing it online.
What information do I need to provide to get a website?
All you need to provide is your Business Name, Type, and Address to get a website. The website becomes increasingly customized as you provide more information, so we also ask you to choose from a list of features for your website and branding preferences like site colors.
Can the website be edited?
You can make edits to your website directly by logging into the Fisherman dashboard. Changes take up to 24 hours to propagate online.
Is the website secure?
Yes, all of our websites include SSL security to protect your website.
Is the website mobile-friendly?
Yes, Fisherman websites are automatically designed to be mobile-optimized so that visitors can experience your online presence from any device.
Who hosts the website?
Fisherman hosts all websites using Amazon Web Services. We take care of all of the hosting setup automatically when you sign up for a website.
Can I transfer my current domain?
Yes, contact Fisherman support to help you transfer your domain to your new website.
What does Fisherman cost?
Fisherman websites start at $25 per month or $250 if you pay annually. If you are a Shift4 customer, you are eligible for a 20% discount off the standard website package.
Can I integrate Shift4 Online Ordering and Reservations?
Contact our support team about this and we’ll help you get set up.
How do I get a new domain?
Once you have created an account with Fisherman, Login on our website to view your dashboard. From the dashboard, click “Domains”. From here you can search for and purchase domains and select your primary domain.