What Your About Section Should Be About

The Fisherman Team

October 05, 2021

Your restaurant is more than just the food you create. It is the people you employ, the history of your dishes, and the way you choose to serve your customers. Your restaurant has a story, and many of your customers want to know it! These stories are what your website’s “About Section” should be about. But with so much you could say, how do you know what is best to share? 

Why You Should Have an About Section 

Before we jump into the how, let’s start with why you should have an About section on your restaurant website. While you predominantly want to share your authentic story, there are three business incentives to keep in mind as you write your website’s about section. You can help boost your business by keeping these elements in mind:

  • Help your restaurant stand out: Your About Section educates customers on why you started your business and what unique offerings or background you provide. Providing context builds trust and can influence customers to choose you over another option.
  • Improve your search rankings: Content on your website helps your business improve search ranking. Menu descriptions and business information is often short and straight forward. An About Section allows for more content and keywords, telling search engines what you offer.
  • Attract customers: Your About Section often attracts customers by authenticating your business and culinary abilities. It indicates the quality they can expect and experiences they may have when interacting with your business. 

How It Helps Your Customers 

Now that you know why you should have an About Section, you should think about providing information that will help your customers. It’s important to balance writing content that meets business objectives with content that educates your customers. So when you begin writing, your goal should also be to help your customers in the following ways: 

  • Identify your business: Your About Section should help customers quickly identify your restaurant and what food or specialties it offers. If they land on your website and can’t identify what your business is about, they will most likely choose a competitor. 
  • Confirm they are on the correct website: Often customers will walk or drive by your business and then search for it online to learn more. They may remember the name, or simply the area of town it was in, but you will want to help them confirm as quickly as possible that they are in the right place. Including a prominent logo, cuisine type, and a clear and descriptive About section on your home page will aid in this search. 
  • Understand the value: With so many restaurant choices, you want your customers to quickly understand the value your business offers. They often learn this by clicking through your website or ordering from your business, but you have to create content that compels them to engage. 

How to Get Started 

Balancing business objectives and content for your customers can often feel choppy when you start writing it all out. When you get started, it’s best to get everything down, and then as you edit, make sure it reads like a conversation with a friend. You don’t want it to sound robotic or impersonal. 

Explain how you cook your meals or what inspired you to start your business. These topics are engaging and get to the core of what makes your business unique. If you have set a mission statement for your restaurant, align your About Section with the mission that you have set for you and your staff. If you find it hard to get started, try using some of the sentence formulas below and keep adding on.


  • Proudly serving _____ (food items) to the greater ______ (city/town) community for _____ (number) years.
  • Home of the best _______ in _______ (city) 

Making it About Your Business 

Your restaurant is unique, and your About Section should showcase that to your customers. Including this section on your website is easy to do and makes a big difference in your appearance on search engines. Fisherman helps customers update their website and keep content fresh. We are passionate about helping restaurants tell their story and can help you get started for free! Want to see a preview of your new website? Get started today. 

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